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Explore Thailand

General info and Travel Tips

National Languages: Thai

Currency: Currency is the Thai Baht and is around 30 baht to 1 USD

Population: 70 Million

Capital: Bangkok

Largest city, industrial hub: Bangkok

Electricity in Thailand: Thailand power voltage is: 220 V; Plugs A & C.


Thailand mainly has two seasons, wet and dry. The weather is the best from November to February. These months are the driest, but also when you'll be swarmed with the most tourists.
Southern Thailand is hot all year long, but has a very wet rainy season: The West Coast of Southern Thailand is wet between April  to October. The East Coast is wet from September to December.
June to October is the rainy season  and temperatures  soar with high humidity.
Northern Thailand's dry season stretches from November to May.
Temperatures are less hot between October and January and can be a little cool in the North especially in the evening and early morning.

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