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Travel Asuncion Paraguay Visit the beautiful “Costanera de Asunción”

One of my favorite places to visit when I am in my beloved second home in Paraguay is the “Costanera” de Asunción. Costanera means coastline. Being a landlocked country Paraguay doesn't have the traditional coast by the Ocean, but rivers run through the country. One of them is the Paraguay River. The "rio Paraguay" runs along the capital Asunción and also serves as the border to Argentina in the south.

The Rio Paraguay has a little bay – the "Bahia de Asunción". Along the bay a shore drive with ample sidewalks to stroll, bike or just sit and relax was built in 2012. From the sidewalks you have a nice view of downtown Asunción, the bay itself and across the river you see Argentina.

The waterfront is a place for families, friends, couples, dog walkers – simply for everybody.

The best time to visit is just before sunset during weekdays as weekends get very crowded. In the late afternoon it is not as hot anymore (temperatures in Paraguay reach 40°C frequently during the daytime). Visiting just before the sun sets, you will be able to witness the beautiful light of the sun reflecting on the skyline and the bay. Stay until sunset and enjoy the colors of the gorgeous paraguayan sky.

You can rent bicycles for 15'000 Guaraní an hour or little three wheelers for 20'000 Guaraní for ½ hour (10'000 Guaraní = 1.75 USD). There are a couple stands along the bay.

Visiting the “Costanera” is beautiful and relaxed. Bring something to drink, mosquito repellent and leave your valuables at home – it is South America after all...

I always take my dogs with me – they love the sand and they can run around free. As a lover of dusk and romantic sunsets I can't enthuse enough about the riverfront walk at sunset – time!!

Although the river isn't clean enough to swim, many local kids can't resist the tempting refreshing water on a hot summer day.

The patwhay along the park behind the bay on the other side of the street. Also a very beautiful place to sit and enjoy a cold "Terere". From the park you have the best view of the skyline.

My three girls can't miss the fun!! Daisy, Sunny and Mia - three lady dogs. Street dogs are unfortunately the most common thing in so many latino countries. All three of them were rescued from the street by my mom throughout the past 12 years - one came after the other. If we could we would have more dogs saved from the streets than we own underwear =)

"Those who teach us the most about humaity, aren't always humans..."

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