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Take a tour at the United Nations Headquarters in New York

The UN - Building in New York City is the Main Site and Headquarters of the United Nations Organization.

Enjoy an exclusive inside look at the Headquarters of the United Nations Organization in New York City and book a tour at the United Nations Headquarters at 45th street and 1st Avenue.

About the Tour

The tour is great and I recommend it for everybody. It is educational and will give you a good overview of the UN's main responsibilities. The tour is very informative, the guides are very professional, and you will experience the sense of being in a place where history is made.

Duration of Tour: 1 Hour

You must book your tour in advanced on VISIT UN. Make sure to purchase your tickets online ahead of time, as only a limited numbers of tickets are sold on site.

Once you purchased your tickets, get there one hour before the start of your tour. Across the main building you will sign up with an ID at the Visitor Center before going through security at the main entrance of the UN Building.

Tickets are 20USD per adult. The tour is 1hour long and you will have the opportunity to see the four newly renovated chambers (if not used for a conference at that day):

  • the General Assembly Hall

  • the Security Council Chamber

  • the Trusteeship Council Chamber

  • the Economic and Social Council Chamber

Your Guide will tell you about the work of the different UN organs, the member states, their responsibilities and so much more. If you have questions about the Organization make sure to have them ready, you are at the source!

UN Headquarters

Security Council Chamber

Great Assembly Hall

General Assembly Hall

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