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The secrets about the Airplane Window Seat & why you should look outside more often!!

I fly A LOT. And I love to fly.

High up above the skies I feel free and far away from everything. Not that I am trying to get away from something or someone, but sometimes in this busy world, being disconnected for a while just feels really really good and there is something incredibly fulfilling about it.

When I fly I love to look outside my window. The window seat on an airplane is one of those things that are clearly underrated. Now I believe, the window seat is a pretty remarkable place!!

Did you ever give the places you are flying over during your flight some thought? You may be passing some extraordinary places that you'd never intended to visit. Or you may spot a natural wonder like the Northern Lights!!

That window seat shows us a world that we'd never otherwise see!!!!

So next time you fly I encourage you to take a break from the in flight entertainment system, put on some music you absolutely love, open the window shades and simply seat back, relax and enjoy the sights!

I want to share some of my most memorable experiences with you in pictures.

Have you passed any incredible places or seen something beautiful? I would love to hear about your inflight stories! Please share them with us either on the comment section or in the Forum! Looking forward to reading about your experiences!!

--> share with us in the Forum!!

Glacier over Greenland - Flight from Zurich to Los Angeles

View of Mount Elbrus in the far on a flight from Bangkok to Zurich

The Mattehorn, Switzerland

Vesuvius, Italy

Landing in John F. Kennedy, NYC

Zion National Park, USA

The incredible Northern Lights flying from Los Angeles to Zürich

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

The Nil, Africa - with the Amazonas one of the longest rivers in the world

The city of Chicago, Illinois, USA

Los Angeles International Airport, LAX

Landing at Zurich Airport, Switzerland

The Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

San Francisco, Californa, USA

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