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Switzerland Train Tickets - for up to 50% off

Transportation can be a killer for your wallet when traveling in Switzerland – train tickets are ridiculous expensive. But there is a way for you to safe up to 50% off those regular train tickets!

What you need to do:

Download the SBB APP to your phone.

SBB is the national railway company of Switzerland. SBB stands for Schweizerische Bundes Bahnen, German for Swiss Federal Railway. If you get into the French or Italian speaking part of Switzerland you will find the abbreviation CFF (French Chemins de fer fédéraux suisses) or FFS (Italian Ferrovie federali svizzere).

“SBB Mobile is one of Switzerland’s most widely used apps. Each day thousands upon thousands of timetable inquiries and ticket purchases are made with this mobile application”.

Download the SBB APP now: click here for download

How to purchase the discounted tickets

After downloading the app and putting in all your personal information (no worries the App is 100% safe and trustworthy), all you do is choose your route

--> PICTURE 1: Standard Timetable (e.g. Zürich HB – Bern HB). Fill in your departure destination and your final destination. Different options about departure times will be given to you --> PICTURE 2: and you will immediately see which connections have tickets for sale on a discounted price %! Chose the connection that is convenient for you by clicking on it. The next step will show you the exact connection and the cheapest available price – Tickets from 12.80 CHF. Click on the red button Tickets from 12.80 CHF and you will be taken to the next page where all ticket and price options will be listed. --> PICTURE 3: All you do now is choose Supersaver Ticket and press the red button PURCHASE ticket for CHF 12.80 (instead of 25.50!)

--> click on Pictures for details


The tickets for longer train rides are valid for the routing from A to Z and can be used within the entire day. Which means if you want to get from A to Z, why not stop in D, J and P? I recommend you pick trains that have stops in cities along the way to your destination, giving you the opportunity to make periodic stops and enjoy the sights – all in one Ticket!

Here is an example:

Zürich HB – Interlaken (final Destination)

Your regular SBB ticket is valid for the entire day for the one– way route.

When catching the train in Zürich you can take the train that will stop in Luzern. Instead of taking the connecting train right away, enjoy the beautiful sights of Lucerne for a couple of hours before continuing your journey!

The SBB Ticket Machine

Quick access to tickets and other services around the clock – at every SBB railway station and from many other transport companies.

You can easily purchase tickets at the ticket machines. You will find them at every railway station as well as next to most bus stops. They are user friendly and different languages are avialable.

For more information about the SBB public transport option --> click here

More tips and tricks on how to safe on your trip to Switzerland? Read my blog post Traveling to Switzerland - 10 ways to save money

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