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The most magical Sunrise I've ever seen - Bagan!

Don't we love sunrises?

There is something so powerful and intriguing about watching the sun rise in the early morning hours, when nobody is up yet, and all you can hear are the sounds coming from nature. When I travel, one of my favorite things to do is looking for a perfect spot to observe the sunrise.

Knowing me and my hunt for the perfect sunrise, many of my friends ask me where I had seen the best sunrise so far. For a long time I wasn't able to answer that question. And, don't get me wrong, it is still not an easy call, but since my trip to Myanmar my answer has become: BAGAN.

Bagan Sunrise - A scenary that will leave you speechless

Bagan, a town with hundreds of ancient temples, stuppas and pagodas – a a place you won't want to leave. No matter what your travel preferences are; beach, adventure, hiking etc – You will fall in love with Bagan.

I arrived in Bagan in the evening after a long and beautiful scenic drive from Yangon. I did not know what to expect from this ancient city. I had done some research on the all knowing world wide web about Bagan and, I assume like most of you, I have seen so many incredibly appealing pictures. Always staying careful with the photos I see online, I was excited to go and explore the city myself.

And so here I was, 5 am in Bagan doing what everyone told me to do --> Witnessing undoubtedly the most magical and unique sunrise I had ever seen!

A sunrise where Photos Just Don't Do Justice!!

There are no words to describe the scenery that will rise before your eyes. In the dark, before the first ray of sunlight starts illuminating the ambience, there are thousands of stars filling the sky. As the sun starts to rise the colors of the sky will change from dark blue to lighter blue, to a dazzling pink which becomes red and orange before the sky turns to a beautiful blue. A miracle of nature one has to see!

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