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24 hours in Athens - Explore Athens in one day

Athens – the historical capital of Europe. A gorgeous city with a long history. Being one of the world's oldest cities, Athens has a lot to offer. From top cultural sights to vibrant neighborhoods, gorgeous parks, cute coffee shops and a delicious cuisine.

The Greek Capital deserves more than one night for a proper visit. So, if you can make the time, spend at least a couple of days in the city. But with a little planning you can still see some of the best sights of Athens within 24hours!

This is your ultimate one day guide to Athens in 24 hours

Start you day bright and early, especially in the summer as temperatures rise up to 45°C.

Visit the Acropolis Archaeological Site

You can get to the Acropolis Entrance either by Taxi, Bus or Metro. With a 1,40€ ticket you can move around using one or more means of transport within 90 minutes. You can buy tickets from all metro and train stations, as well as from the kiosks on the streets. The Metro takes you straight to the to the foot of the main entrance of the Acropolis.

I would suggest to go as early as possible. It gets crazy with the crowds and in the summer temperatures rise up to incredibly high temperatures.

Info / Price Full: €20, Reduced: €10 Valid for the Archaeological site of the Acropolis and its Slopes. Tickets are available only at the ticket office on site.

For more info click here.

Acropolis Museum

Visit the Museum either before or after the historical site - depnding on the weather and the crowds. Consistently rated as one of the best museums in the world, devoted to the Parthenon and its surrounding temples, the museum is definitely worth a visit. The Acropolis Museum is located in the historical area of Makriyianni, southeast of the Rock of the Acropolis, on Dionysiou Areopagitou Street.

General admission fee: €5 Tickets are available for sale either at the Museum’s Ticket Desk or via its e-ticketing service.

For any further info:

Filopappou Hill

When you are done visiting the Acropolis use the back Entrance / Exit to exit. Walk down the stairs. Across from the street you will see a little forest on a hill called Filopappou Hill. Walk up the hill which is also marked as an archaeological site. It will only take you about 15 minutes to walk up the hill and you will find a little platform COMPLEELY EMPTY. Walking up you will have a gorgeous view of the Ocean and the Western part of Athens on your right, on your left you will enjoy a spectacular view of the entire Acropolis Site. You will get the perfect shots to the Parthenon and other Athens Spots without the massive amounts of people. Wear comfortable shoes as you will have to walk for a while on rough terrain.

Walking into the City Centre

Bargain at Monastiraki

Walk down towards Monastiraki. Monastiraki is one of the neighborhoods in the old town of Athens. It is one of the principal shopping districts in the city and home to the flea market. The neighborhood is named after Monastiraki Square, which in turn is named for the Church of the Pantanassa that is located within the square.

Stroll through Psyri

While the neighborhood of Monastiraki is known for its shopping, Psyri is a colorful neoclassical neighborhood known for its artisans, specialty stores, restaurants, bars, live music tavernas, theaters, art galleries, and antique shops. Personally, I enjoyed this part of town the most. You will find a big variety of restaurants and coffee shops and they all have their very own special designs.

Walking along Ermou Street

Paradise for those who love to shop! Ermou street is a commercial avenue which has been turned into a pedestrian only street. Ermou Street is 1.5km long and connects Kerameikos Archeological Site (The archaeological site of the Kerameikos is a small part of the ancient Attic Deme of Kerameon, one of the largest demes of ancient Athens, located on the northwest edge of the city) with the Syntagma Square and passes through Monastiraki, Psiri and Thiseio.

Monastiraki Square

Syntagma Square

Syntagma Square is the central and most famous Square in Athens. The Square is located near many of Athens' oldest and most famous neighborhoods and tourist attractions (all within walking distance). Its central fountain and statues with the Parliament building in the background, make it an easily recognizable sight, topped only of course by the Acropolis.

Catch the most stunning Sunset

You've had a fun day sightseeing, shopping, eating and drinking. It is time to enjoy an unforgettable sunset.

You might have already been to Filopappou Hill. If you haven't; this is the time you absolutely must go. And if you've already been, go AGAIN! I promise you it is worth it.

As sunset times change depending on the season, find out at what time the sun will set. Wherever you are, jump on a metro and head to Acropolis station. Make your way up to Filopappou Hill, passing the Acropolis Archaeological Site. Make some stops on the way up to Filopappos Monument and enjoy the view of the Ocean on one side and the Acropolis on the other. Make sure to walk all the way to Filopappos Monument (Pnyx). From here you will have the most amazing view of the sun setting down.

Acropolis by night

Do not miss the stunning view of the Acropolis by night, when it is at its most magnificent, bathed in golden floodlighting. Stay at Filopappos Hill until it gets dark to enjoy the incredible view.

Night stroll into the city – Rooftop Bars – Restaurants – Music and Fun

Walk down into the city (towards Thissio Metro Station) and make sure to stop for a drink and enjoy the spectacular view of Athens by night at one of the Rooftop Bars such as, Thissio View , A for Athens or 360 Cocktail Bar.

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