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Explore Italy

Italy General Info

Italy - what a stunning country. 

Bella Italia is recognized across the globe for its high art, monuments, delicious cuisine, fast cars and inspiring coast, lakes and mountain ranges. It is also home to a great number of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

This Italy travel guide will help you plan your next vacation.    


Good to know:

National Language: Italian

Currency: Euro (1 Euro about 1.20 USD)

Population: ~61 Million

Capital: Rome

Italian power voltage is 220/230 V 50Hz;  Plug C & F.
Value added tax (IVA) is charged on purchases, such as meals at restaurants, shopping expenses and hotel accommodations. If you are resident of a non-European Union country, you can get a refund of this tax in certain participating shops. For more info on VAT refunds, click here.


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