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Sep 16, 2017

B followers

1 comment

I met B on a flight. Besides being one of the most service oriented person I have ever met, smart and warm, she is a walking encyclopedia of travel knowledge. I am pretty excited to see this blog develops.

Sep 20, 2017

Dear Liam,

Thank you for your very kind words! Welcome to the Forum =)!!


New Posts
  • pascoum
    Nov 14, 2018

    I met B on a flight from Sao Paulo to Asunción for a business trip. Knowing the country extremely well, she gave me some great tips and advices for my short stay in Paraguay. On the top of her knowledge and spirit about sharing her hobbies and passion, she was extremely lovely and pleasant to spend time with. Thanks B for your help and I really hope you blog and travel will keep rising! All the very best.
  • emilymfrank16
    Sep 24, 2017

    My husband and I just moved to China from America to teach English. Although we'd both been to parts of Europe separately before we met, our trips together in college were mostly limited to the US. Moving here has really opened our eyes to how a different country can truly feel like a world of its own. We've gotten used to signs, scenery, people, and language all being different - but every day something minor will happen that throws us off, like finding a mountain of unrefrigerated eggs with chicken feathers still stuck to them at the indoor supermarket or seeing a woman holding on to a large, unsecured table while riding on the back of a motorbike! We're loving the excitement so far, and we can tell we're going to come away from this much more relaxed and flexible about life. If anyone would like to keep up with our experiences, you can check out our blog at www.ourquarterlifeadventure.com and follow us on Instagram @ourquarterlifeadventure. Thanks, B, for the opportunity to share our story and read others' as well! 💕🌏