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April 17, 2019

Are you looking for a beautiful and exotic place to visit, but you only have little time? Kerala in the southwest of India might just be the right place for you. The most beautiful green tea plantations you've ever seen, a relaxing day on a houseboat touring the Ke...

February 23, 2019

Your ultimate myanmar travel guide
13 key things every traveler  must know

Visiting Myanmar was one of my most unique and fulfilling travel experiences ever. I fell in love with this gorgeous country the second I entered it.

The locals are amazing. Even though communi...

January 8, 2019

Don't we love sunrises? There is something so powerful and intriguing about watching the sun rise in the early morning hours, when nobody is up yet, and all you

July 16, 2018

Athens – the historical capital of Europe. A gorgeous city with a long history. Being one of the world's oldest cities, Athens has a lot to offer. From top cultural sights to vibrant neighborhoods, gorgeous parks, cute coffee shops and a delicious cuisine.

The Greek Cap...

March 8, 2018

I visited the Happy Elephant Home and I was more than pleased with the experience. I was picked up at my hotel in Chiang Mai early in the morning. After about a 90min drive to the gorgeous north of Chiang Mai we arrived at the sanctuary and were welcomed by these incre...

March 8, 2018

Hugging and kissing an elephant, bathing them, watching them play – sounds pretty amazing doesn't it? And trust me IT IS! But unfortunately many people still travel to Thailand to see elephants and don't think about visiting in a responsible way. By choosing a...

February 5, 2018

"The greatest Greek city and the most beautiful of them all" Situated on the Ionian Sea in southeastern Sicily, Siracusa was once one of the most powerful cities in the Mediterranean. It was founded by the Greeks nearly 3000 years ago. Its many layers of his...

January 28, 2018

The airplane window seat - a place clearly underrated. I believe that the window seat is a remarkable place. Did you ever give the places you are flying over during your flight some thoughts? You may be passing some extraordinary places that you'd never inteded to...

January 9, 2018

Myanmar has an interesting way of transporting merchandise and people. I visited this fotogenic country and was able to take some great pictures of locals in their daily lives. These are some of my favourite transportation - related pictures!

January 9, 2018

Get excited – you are going to Myanmar! A country embossed by magnificent and acient buddhist temples, lively rivers, gorgeous mountain ranges, vivid cities and stunning beaches. Find out how to travel easily and conveniently so you can enjoy your perfect Myanmar vacat...

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